In this video, Dr. Brad Wolf demonstrates exercises on how to relieve carpal tunnel pain  in less than 10 minutes.

Many people who work everyday with technology will experience chronic pain in their hand and wrist, and often think they have carpal tunnel; however, it is common that people are being misdiagnosed and don’t actually have carpal tunnel syndrome! Repetitive hand movements cause increased stress on your forearm, wrist, and hand.

It is essential to preserve your body if you wish to live a healthy life. There are simple strategies you can do right now to improve and protect your body. Any part of your body that experiences repetitive movements are prone to injury.  By the time injuries begin to affect the quality of your life, it often takes longer and costs more to fix the problem.

When looking at the relationship between your forearm, wrist and hand, we can begin to understand exactly what is causing your pain. We are here to help you understand what you can do to live healthy and age better. Enjoy your whole Life!  Watch this video to learn exactly what you can do to relieve pain in your forearm, wrist, and hand and eliminate carpal tunnel problems today.

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