Have you ever been told “everything looks great” on your labs, but you still feel sick?  We suggest you pay close attention to how many symptoms you are currently experiencing. Below are some valuable clues to help you uncover the status of your immune, hormone, brain and digestive system. Remember…you only have one body, so take care of yourself now or pay later! 

Commonly Ignored Warnings the Body Is Crying For Help:  

  • Headaches (waking up, occurs in the afternoon)
  • Recurring and chronic pain 
  • Difficulty handling life stress
  • Sleep issues (falling asleep or staying asleep) 
  • Bloating/gas after eating
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog 
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Difficulty with weight/no appetite 
  • Constipation/Bowel troubles
  • Skin problems including itching, eczema, acne

What To Do About These Warning Signs

When your body talks… LISTEN and trust that warning signs need more of your attention than popping a pill or wishful thinking.   

You don’t have to look very far to see how poorly many people are aging. Chronic disease and autoimmunity are on the rise and research indicates these issues start 20-30 years before disease is diagnosed. 

Medicating symptoms never resolves underlying issues. We encourage you to take action to assess your body’s need for help. Busy life and toxic burdens from pesticides, chemicals and hormones are linked to overwhelming inflammation in your organs… including your brain. Most diseases are driven by inflammation. 

You are designed to survive and thrive, yet no one is immune to sickness, infection, toxins, injury and stress. Your quality of health can be measured by how frequently common symptoms occur and how quickly you are able to rebound from stress. 

 Taking action to get rid of inflammation is the greatest decision you can make for yourself in 2020. Uncover the best strategies to restore your body naturally. Eliminate inflammation while paying attention to your body and learning what is really going on inside your cells. 

By resolving inflammatory triggers, we can help you address joint and muscle pain, strengthen your metabolic health, improve your digestion and immune functions and teach you natural strategies to address your nutrition.  

For more than 22 years, we have been helping people just like you to live and age healthy. Everything we do is natural and holistic.  Were located in University City at Innovation Park, Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Lauren Pepper and Dr. Brad Wolf have helped thousands of people of all ages stop suffering and find their way back to great health. Call today and expect results. You can reach us at 704-549-3005 or online at ihealthnc.com/Contact page.