Functional Medicine

Our Blood chemistry evaluation a very effective tool to screen and identify imbalances in body metabolism. We’re able to provide you with sound recommendations, Functional medicine, screen for health issues, and monitor changes as necessary.

Functional Blood Chemistry Evaluation

There are two main types of ranges in the field of blood chemistry analysis: a pathological range and a functional range. The pathological range is used to diagnose disease; the functional range is used to assess risk for disease before disease develops. The references that are provided with laboratory test results are referred to as “the pathological range,” because if the results are out of range, it indicates the potential for pathology or disease. Looking at blood results from a functional range allows us to discover patterns of dysfunction and treat them before they become a serious problem. These include cholesterol/triglycerides, Insulin Resistance/Metabolic Syndrome/Syndrome X/Pre-diabetes, thyroid function, inflammation, Methylation, Hypoglycemia, digestive issues, Iron deficiency, Gall Bladder dysfunction, Kidney function, Immune function, Anemias, Infections, etc.

Healthy people have blood chemistry findings that fall within a fairly narrow range. Significant deviations from the optimum range may indicate a variety of poor health conditions.

  • We encourage all of our patients to undergo a functional blood chemistry evaluation so that:
  • We can determine which nutritional products are specific for your individual, personalized health needs.
  • We can design and implement a nutritional program to restore your body to its natural, healthy state.
  • We can provide early detection of potentially life-threatening health conditions.
  • We can keep you from spending money on nutritional products that you do not need.

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