My name is Kayla Meissner, I will be the first smiling face when you come through our door.

I hope my bubbly personality will always make you feel comfortable and welcomed.

My journey with good health started as a young child, I was always sick every holiday and my parents taught me to let my body speak to me and let me know its needs. They raised me to know what it is like to keep a strong immune system and how to train and take care of it properly. My parents never pushed medications on me, I was able to build a strong healthy system the correct way.

My adventure with Innovation Health started by me looking for a new job that was going to be less stressful and a better lifestyle. That is when I came across Innovation Health. I proceeded to get online and read reviews with the background. I am more than thrilled to come into this work family and make better health choices for myself and family. They have taught me so much which has strengthened me.

Because my body is a temple – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 means you respect your body and treat it well. Our body is our temple that all starts with the foundation of God and good health.