I grew up in a small, close knit community in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Upon graduating high school I left the mountains to live in various areas up the East Coast.  I developed a strong love of food, especially local food.  In 2000 I settled in Charlotte.  In 2015 I became involved with the Atherton Farmers Market, now South End Market @ Atherton.

Being involved in the farmers market has enabled me to know where the food I feed my family comes from.  This allows me to help others feed their families free of pesticides, steroids, and other poisonous additives.

At Innovation Health I have found a committed team that is motivated to help others maintain their health, not just react to problems when they arise.  Showing patients how to rid their body of poisons and minimize intake of harmful chemicals is our daily routine.  What drove me to Innovation Health is their comprehensive approach to improving people’s life and health.